Integrated amplifier help

InserisHelp I need advice I would like to buy an integrated amplifier to pair it with rockport avior speakers I have already tried absolare passion and trafomatic preamplifier and power amp, karan integrated without great satisfaction. Now I think taking ypsilon phaeton integrated can be an excellent match. Anyone have experience with rockport avior and ypsilon phaeton? Other ideas?ci il tuo testo ...
I’ve heard Andy Pryor uses Gryphon amps (among others) to voice his speakers and that he himself is partial to Gryphon, so that might be something to consider.  Someone is selling a nice Diablo 300 on USAudioMart that could be worth a look.  Best of luck. 
Thanks Al for your technical disquition, surely there is some truth in what you say. But I think that what is heard is true in audiophilia. that's why I wanted to hear opinions from those who have ypsilon.
I have experience with the ML585 and Dartzeel Cth8550. I’ve owned a lot of very high end gear and find both to be exceptional products. I was a little biased against the ML expecting darkish and maybe somewhat boring sound. Reality is that it has beautiful highs with tight bass and mids/vocals as good as I’ve heard from any such unit. It’s grainless and very detailed.  I was going to sell mine to stay on the merry go round but decided that this would be foolish. These units can be found used in the 6-7k range used(list12k). In typical ML fashion the build quality and ergonomics are stellar.
The Dartzeel is great also but has a caveat or two not to mention the expense. Finally I would think that the Luxman L-509x should be considered but I keep coming back to the ML. I’ve never been more surprised at how good it sounds. In today’s high end pricing scene it’s a crazy stupid bargain at list price and folks are giving them away. FWIW
I have no experience with your speakers but after looking at the stereophile measurements there are various McIntosh amps and at least 1 integrated MA9000, that would drive them. I know people hate or love them, just another you might think about.