Integrated amplifier - selection and alternatives

Hi everybody,

I am in the market for an integrated amplifier. The speakers are custom made:2-way, 83db sensitivity in 8 ohms, but they can go as low as 6.2 ohms in the bass region. My guess is that these speakers would love a 100w pc amplification. More is not necesarilly better, less might be not enough.

After I look around couple of alternatives seems interesting and reasonable prices for me:
- Accuphase E-308 (caveat - difficult to find in North America)
- Ayre AX 7 X (caveat - maybe not enough power)
- Krell KAV 400xi (caveat - not as musical as I would like)
- Electrocompaniet ECI-4 (caveat - a little bit overpriced compared with the the others that are bringing in similar qualities).

Being the market for a maximum $5800, which other integrated should I consider in your opinion?

Thank you very much for your time.
I've done my measurements - 100W would be just enough.

I was thinking about Mcintosh MA6900 - but, I personally consider McIntosh stuff a little bit overpriced.
MA6900 overpriced? You wont think so in 2 years when its upgrade time. Buy one now for 2900 to 3200...its money in the bank!
As an owner of a Musical Fidelity kW500 I gladly recommend it, on the used market, as to fit your budget; also used, consider the Jeff Rowland Concerto and Concentra II.
I also like the MAC,easily sold if you do not like it. What about Plinius, Rowland, BelCanto, or other digital/chip amps. Or, 2 monoblock chip amps[maybe CIA 100 or 200 w/ch] with a sweet tube preamp, you could hide the little monos.