Integrated amps with room correction...

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What are the integrated amps with or preamps only, with room correction...

This is a great topic...I have a second home where I am currently building out an audio/video “room”.  In my main home living space I have all separates.  This represents a major expenditure over many years.  The room sounds perfect to my taste.
I have set a significantly lower budget for the second home.
I am set on an integrated amp with room correction.  I have listened to Trinnov, Anthem, Onkyo and Arcam.  A have Sonus Fabre IL Cremonese speakers.  Out of those four room correction programs in combination with an integrated amp.  I like the Arcam (850) in combination with Dirac Live.  The sound field is incredibly dynamic and wide...with warm, natural tones.  The room correction software is easy to setup and understand the nuances and manipulate the software to make it not just good but great. Second would be the Anthem (STR).  The unit does not have quite the dynamic spun field as the Dirac. Third would be the trinnov.  I could not correlate the price/performance to either the Arcam or Anthem products.
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I use DSpeaker X4 as pre-amp/DAC and DSP room correction. Excellent room correction and also crossover/integration for subs.
Recently reviewed in Stereophile (Vol. 42, No. 5) with A rating in recommended components, category Digital Processors.
Great device at ca $4,000.

I saw the New Master Class NAD integrated with Dirac at RMAF.
Price was about $2,700 as I recall. Modeled after the Naim look
it includes a 3" x 3" Led TV display. 
The sound was very good. I think it was running through the lower end 
what about room correction and vinyl listening? room correction always will digitalize the phono signal along the signal path right? doesn’t matter if the room correction is integrated on the amp or it's on a separated box?
The miniDSP DDRC-24 is a great unit. It serves as a pre-amp and DAC and includes Dirac Live room correction. It's has a small footprint. My only knock is that I wish all inputs/outputs were on the back of the unit instead of front & back. 

The NAD c658 is a network streamer, DAC and pre-amp all in one unit and also includes Dirac Live. This will be my next upgrade.