Integrated brand choice -- Simaudio, Hegel or Mark Levinson?

Narrowed down my integrated brand choice to these three.  Looking to spend $7-8k (used or new).  These will power Focal Electra 1028be's for now, with a possible upgrade to something else next year.
I'm familiar with Simaudio, but haven't heard/owned the Hegel or Mark Levinson.
Opening the floodgates for your opinions...

"Don’t know about the other two, but I’d rule out the Hegel as they manufacture in China, the land of little or no quality control."

Fell off my chair laughing.
Did you look at McIntosh? You can get a nice one in that price range with an upgradeable DAC. Also, I have heard the Anthem STR and it is pretty amazing too especially with the built in room correction.