Integrated brand choice -- Simaudio, Hegel or Mark Levinson?

Narrowed down my integrated brand choice to these three.  Looking to spend $7-8k (used or new).  These will power Focal Electra 1028be's for now, with a possible upgrade to something else next year.
I'm familiar with Simaudio, but haven't heard/owned the Hegel or Mark Levinson.
Opening the floodgates for your opinions...
Did you look at McIntosh? You can get a nice one in that price range with an upgradeable DAC. Also, I have heard the Anthem STR and it is pretty amazing too especially with the built in room correction.
I’m using a Levinson 585 to drive a pair of Focal Kanta 2s.  Very nice combination - pretty neutral, with just a touch of sweetness in the midrange.  What I especially like is that I can listen to and enjoy all my music - even average or somewhat bad recordings are still very enjoyable.  I’m not limited to a few great audiophile recordings.