Integrated brand choice -- Simaudio, Hegel or Mark Levinson?

Narrowed down my integrated brand choice to these three.  Looking to spend $7-8k (used or new).  These will power Focal Electra 1028be's for now, with a possible upgrade to something else next year.
I'm familiar with Simaudio, but haven't heard/owned the Hegel or Mark Levinson.
Opening the floodgates for your opinions...

”anything but Mac”.  I’m confused, is it you or the OP who is buying?  If it’s the OP then you do him/her a big disservice by stating that. The person should try to look at all brands in his price range.  Just because you don’t like Mac doesn’t mean he won’t.   The person is purchasing for their taste, not yours. 

the naysaying is tiresome

all are good brands, make music in certain ways, with certain signatures

one must try and find their own sweet spot

for higher end focals, i would personally err on the side of gear that provides a softer sweeter uber refined high end, a neutral, detailed midrange and strong grip down below