Integrated for Martin Logan Electrostatics

Hi Everyone

My first post here.   I have Martin Logan Impression ESL13as.  My 34 year old Bryston preamp (original 1B)  and amp (original 4B) just gave up the ghost.   I am looking for a top quality integrated amp (new or used).   These speakers have self-powered woofers crossover is about 300 hz so the amp is only driving the electrostatic panels above that frequency, with their typical odd load characteristics.   Listening preferences:  Classical including lots of big orchestra, solo piano; Jazz including acoustic groups and big band/horns; acoustic folk.   Some rock but sound quality there would be more than met by anything that handles my main preferences.

Mandatory:  Sound quality equal to or hopefully an improvement on my old electronics.  MC phono stage built in.  Long term build quality and established company with long track record for service.  Good stability into 4 to 2 to even less ohms.

Nice options but not essential:  DAC, remote control.

Budget:  around 7,500, new or used (I don't mind buying used).


Mark Levinson 585.5

Luxman L509x (or the new Z?)

Accuphase 4000

Suggestions welcome!  Lots of knowledge here and I look forward to any insignts.


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My suggestion would be stick with Bryston. I am powering my Theos with a 4B3 and they work very well together.  I also powered them with a 3BSST2 and that sounded great as well, good luck. 

I was at the florida audio expo three years ago and one room had a mcintosh ma352 driving two Martin Logan speakers.... to me, it was the best sounding system at the show... so there is that.