Integrated for Martin Login Motion 60’s?

I would appreciate recommendations for an Integrated Amp that would complement my speakers.  Martin Login Motion 60’s supplemented with SVS SB-2000 Subwoofers.  Cardas Crosslink cables.  I would like to move away from class “D” to solid state class “A” or “A/B”.  Amplifier must have pre-outs for the Subs.  No DAC.  Have read great things about Coda, Luxman, Krell, Rega, Simaudio, and Sugden.  BIG room with 18’ ceilings.  Sources are all digital.  Listen to all types of rock and occasional blues/ jazz guitarist.  $5k is budget new or used.  My class “D” has detail and accuracy at lower volumes, but when I turn it up, it seems to lose depth and fullness.  I’m hoping a Class “A” or “A/B” can help with that?  If Luxman, 507 vs 550? Sugden A-21SE vs the IA-4 or ANV-50?  Will I even notice a difference with these speakers?  I realize the ML’s are not a reference level speaker, but I enjoy them.  If you have heard these speakers with an amp you enjoyed, please let me know.  I am not close to any brick and mortar to listen. Thank you.

Martin-Logan Motion 60XTi: Floorstanding, 35-25,000 Hz +/-3 dB, 80°x30°, 94 dB @ 2.83 v/m, 4 Ohms but compatible w/ 4,6,8 Ohm amplifiers, 400 & 2,200 Hz, 20-400 watts.


Soory didn’t see the typo unison research hybrid amplifiers

Handmade in Italy starting at2000 to 7000


Many models wiith diferent power ratings



Optional phono card and one model with a dac


Definitely worth a listen



I recommend the Naim NAIT XS3. 70 watts/channel of pure class AB but you’ll think it’s a lot more power than that. 

Power Modules by David Belles is a great sounding amp, with a lot of current to drive 4 ohm speakers so no worries about lack of fullness. He has a model within your range the aria dual mono. Check it out on the website 


@freediver – Reviews I’ve read for the Pathos amps are very encouraging.  No noise which was a concern.  A Heated Inversion Table sounds awesome but will take a big junk of change out of my Integrated piggy bank.  Thanks.

@robert53 – Yes, MF is on my short list.  The M6si is 220 wpc.  Do you know if this is class “A/B”?  Based on the heatsinks, I can assume that it is not class “D”.  Reviews say it has plenty of low-end punch which is encouraging.  Appears to be allot of bang/ buck.  Thanks for feedback with the ML 60’s.  The M6si looks tempting as well but is over my weight limit.

@kevtekav22  – Thanks for bringing the XS3 to my attention.  I had assumed that all Naim Integrateds had onboard DACs but the XS3 appears not to.  Looks like binding posts are bananas only so I would have to replace my spade-ended speaker wire as well.  Thanks.

@pureclarity – I have seen this amp but have not read anything about it.  I like that it’s made in US.  The price looks very competitive.  I see they offer a Signature model as well with 125 wpc.  I will do some more research on these amps.  Thank you.

So many choices.  I miss the good old days when I had 5-6 brick and mortar stores all within 35 miles from home.  All I had to do back then was go and listen.