Integrated for Merlin Vsm

I'm thinking of chaning out my system and using a integrated amp with my merlin vsm-m speakers. I've looked into the manley stingray and know of the ars sonum filarium by bobby. Any other suggestions? I would like the keep the price $1500-$2000 used.


The best thing you could do would be call Bobby. Try and get and OTL rig on the cheap would be my advice. Make sure you never listen to these speakers on a ZH-270 or you will be so amazed it will ruin everything else for you. Anyhow that wasn't much help... I've been out of the loop awhile... maybe one of the new digital amplifiers could do them justice?
No brainer. Call Bobby and ask him about the Filarmonia. It is perfectly matched to the speakers (my understanding). Otherwise another integrated I like is the VAC Avatar.
I would go with the ARS Sonum Filarmonia. Bobby sells them and they are the perfect match that he says they are. I love mine with my VSM-MX's. Cheers.

I use a Karan KA-i180 solid state integrated amp with my VSM-M. Bobby does have a tube amp he recommends. Tubes may sound better then solid state with the VSMs, but I love my Karan and the VSM's sing with it.