Integrated for TAD ME1: Luxman, Accuphase or Soulnote?

Battle of Japanese brands!

Which one should fit better for the marvellous TAD?

Sources: Turntable and Streamer/DAC.

Been thinking in Soulnote A-2, Luxman 590ax II or Accuphase E-480/4000.

Budget around 7-8K€.



@superelmar  I can only speak of the A-2.  It is open, airy,  detailed and has good bass control. But it does have a sweetness and is not overly dry or etched.  I say this with an all SS amp perspective.  My only adventure with tubes was with PS Audio BHK components and I did not like them.  I could never get the black background and I seem to be able to hear hum across the street!

@fastfreight thanks!


Do U think guys the E-800 would run them properly? cause I can put phono and dac cards inside, so less boxes and cables.

If the TAD’s need current, I would lean into the Accuphase and add Krell, Coda to the list.  Krell & Coda make great integrated amps, Krell will pack a little more in if you are looking for a total 1 box solution.  Either will drive most any speakers, Krell has a little sweetness, tubelike feel and you’ll likely never leave class A which is up to 90 watts.  The Coda can be biased 3 different ways, either to have more class A or more overall watts in class a/b.  If a warmer, tube like SS feel int quite as important, Parasound’s integrated would be a steal but not quite in the same class you are looking at currently.  Music Fidelity’s top integrated is also quite a steal, can drive almost anything, not as warm a sound.  Another powerhouse integrated is the Michi, used it’s a great bargain.

I had the CODA CSiB integrated and as mentioned previously, the KRELL K-300i integrated (Dou XD variant). I would take the KRELL over the CODA. That Class A of the KRELL is great and would work really nice with the TAD ME-1. 

I sold both and now use a CODA #16. I was thinking of the KRELL Duo 300XD over the CODA #16 (or in a dream the KRELL KSA i400) but my speakers are a bit warm so went with the less warm CODA.

I also demoed the Rotel Mitchi integrated mentioned above and it is a very quiet powerful amp. Not as good as the KRELL or CODA for my needs, The Mitchi sounded a bit like my Sander Magtech amp. I think the Magtech is better for my use case.

I am also like the previous poster when it comes to tubes. I can hear hum or hiss from my seated position on quiet passages. I found Class A the solution for my needs, quiet, sweet, with power.