Integrated Question

I currently have Totem Forest Signatures powered by ModWright KWH 225i. I have rolled a total of three different tubes (stock JJ, Holland, Seimans), and have found the bass to be less impactful than desired. It seems to be all there, just laid back? I am considering a change in integrated.

Looking at Pass INT-250, Luxman 509z, Accuphase E-4000, and Boulder 866. Any one with experience with the above combinations? Am I heading in the right direction?

non-treated room (unable to address at this time)

Ayon S10 II / ModWright KWH 225i / Totem Forest Sig / REL S510 pr / Shunyata D6 - Delta v2 pc’s / Morrow Elite sc-interconnects (auditioning Fractal F1 next week)




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Prior discussion:

I owned the FORESTS in a prior system, so I know their unique/ particular sonic signature, their strengths, AND their weaknesses/ warts very well.

They crave

- a lot of “grunt” ( ergo hi-current AMPS …. WPC are meaningless,,,)

- beefy solid state instead of tubes

Top integrated amp suggestions to mate up to the TOTEMS include , inter alia, top offerings from SIM AUDIO, AYRE, PLINIUS. ..... These are all top high-current gear frequently used with TOTEM speakers at the audio expos.
You will NOT need a subwoofer with these floorstanders powered by a robust S/S integrated  .,,,full stop. 

I would concentrate on and audition first these three, I favour a top SIM AUDIO kit. (I’ve auditioned them all ) SIM AUDIOand TOTEM are both based in Montreal and they are paired to voice each other’s products.

TOTEM even had its own beefy SS integrated "AMBER" amp with a ton of grunt but now discontinued, that was a JV with SIMAUDIO based on a SIM integrated amplifier platform design.

How are your subs connected?  Speaker level?  You may want to reevaluate sub placement and setup. I suspect that your amp is not the culprit. 

Get the Stereophile Test CD and use the bass tones to evaluate the placement of the REL subs in your room. They may not be in an optimal position.