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I currently have Totem Forest Signatures powered by ModWright KWH 225i. I have rolled a total of three different tubes (stock JJ, Holland, Seimans), and have found the bass to be less impactful than desired. It seems to be all there, just laid back? I am considering a change in integrated.

Looking at Pass INT-250, Luxman 509z, Accuphase E-4000, and Boulder 866. Any one with experience with the above combinations? Am I heading in the right direction?

non-treated room (unable to address at this time)

Ayon S10 II / ModWright KWH 225i / Totem Forest Sig / REL S510 pr / Shunyata D6 - Delta v2 pc’s / Morrow Elite sc-interconnects (auditioning Fractal F1 next week)





My thoughts on a ModWright KWH 225i that I demoed were similar. It sounded great but it left me wanting more dynamics - laid back is a good way to put it. I also had an Ayon S-10 II. This unit transformed for me when I threw in some NOS tubes. Made a big difference.


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I have a pair of Forest Signatures powered by an Anthem STR Integrated and trust me I have plenty of rock solid bass!(no subs)

I have a friend who also owns the same speakers. He runs them with a Naim Supernait(no subs) and definitely has no bass issues.🤓

We both love our Totems and would never part with them!

Hi , I can’t comment directly on the amp as I’ve only had the KWI 200 in my system. But I can comment on the tubes. JJ’s are just dry and lacking. I’ve tried the Holland and Seimens tubes including the CCa. Those tubes added to upper mid range which in your case might appear to lessen the bass. However the nos Telefunken E88CC’s were the best I’ve tried. They did it all, and as the “ Brent Jesse “ site says “ with a ruler flat response “. They are pricey these days at $600-700 per pair. But for me , an absolute favorite. My experience with Morrow is they are a great value and the interconnects take 400 hrs to break in. I prefer them as they tame the glare in my system. I can’t comment on the bass quality in your system as I have a completely different type system. I hope my rambling provides a minute insight. Cheers , Mike B. 

OP, I’ve had numerous ModWrights except yours and bass was stellar. Probably will end back up with a ModWright amp again. Even with subs, it sounds like to me you want more than your speakers can give. Just my opinion from trying to hope the best for and get the most out of speakers that in the end just couldn’t provide realistic visceral bass for me. But if you don’t like that answer, maybe add some Rythmik dual 8” “midbass” subwoofer. It can go to -3 dB at 20 Hz, but can instead be crossed above the RELs providing mid bass up to 250 Hz.