Integrated / speaker pairings in the $6-7K range

What synergistic integrated/speaker pairings have you experienced in the $3K-range per component ($6-7K total), given a moderately sized room (say 150-250 sf)? For example, I know from personal experience (and recommendation) that a Belles Aria and Vandersteen 1ci's work really well together. Curious for your ideas. Thanks!
Really depends on what sound characteristics are most important to you.

^^ this ^^

otherwise the replies will just become a chinese menu of 112 random items

hegel h160 or h190 and any good $4000 / pr speaker

same for a naim nait xs2 or 3 with good ps

I had fantastic results with Focal Dome sub/sat system and a Micromega AS-400 integrated.  
In this price range I really think you are getting a huge step up buying used equipment. Right now I have a pair of Focal 836w and a Micromega M100 integrated all in one. It’s just stupid good for the money in a medium room. I have just over 2k into the entire system with an msrp over 10k. Great synergy.