Integrated suggestions

Hi all,  for personal reasons I need to sell my $17k tube integrated & would have to replace it with something much cheaper - around $4k, maybe $5k...

I only mention the price of my current amp so you're familiar with the level of performance to which I am accustomed. 

It would need to have at least one balanced input, line only is fine, at least 30W PC, any class is OK as long as it offers exceptional performance for its price point! Tube or SS. Capability to run 4ohm speakers.

Any suggestions...?

I know there are many but you guys may suggest something I may not consider.



I am going to 1+ the Musical Fidelity recommendation. I have the M6500i and it is fantastic. It drives my speakers with such ease they sound like different speakers. MF really is about refinement and ease of effort. If you can get your hands on a dual mono design like mine, go for it.

My second choice would be a tube integrated from Line Magnetic. They offer a very good product for the money and undercut many US integrated tube companies.

I have a LM Audio as well.

I'd certainly be tempted by the Willsenton R800i, which would leave you with $1000-2000 to upgrade the tubes to your liking.

Also, maybe you could get a deal on a Synthesis A40.Virtus. I have its big brother the A100, which I prefer to any amp I've ever owned.

Good luck finding something you will enjoy for a long time.

The Parasound Hint has everything you mentioned and is a Stereophile class A piece of equipment