Integrated suggestions

Hi all,  for personal reasons I need to sell my $17k tube integrated & would have to replace it with something much cheaper - around $4k, maybe $5k...

I only mention the price of my current amp so you're familiar with the level of performance to which I am accustomed. 

It would need to have at least one balanced input, line only is fine, at least 30W PC, any class is OK as long as it offers exceptional performance for its price point! Tube or SS. Capability to run 4ohm speakers.

Any suggestions...?

I know there are many but you guys may suggest something I may not consider.



my Gato 150 is seemingly totally quiet. if interested in Gato, the top of the line 150 is Class AB and no DAC...the less expensive but more powerful 250 and 400 are Class D and include DAC...

Also recommend Michi 3x (paired w/ Rose 150 + Focal 1038Be) - resolving w/out fatigue.  

i think the anthem int would be perfect for you. canada made .canada money #1 in best buck for your music


+1 on the Belles Aria Signature. I own and would recommend the Aesthetix Mimas which is my favorite integrated but new it's above your budget. The DAC and Phono cards are optional. The Mimas is a hybrid amp. You may be able to find a used one within your budget. Good Luck!

Thank you all for your continued suggestions. Obviously used offers more value & I briefly contemplated a used Levinson 585 but my back isn't the best & I don't think I want to return to a very heavy lump.

The issue is I can't see the Octave selling anytime soon...