Integrated tube amp as amp only

My Jolida 1000rc has a main in so it can absolutely be used as an amp only. My question is can I take out the preamp tubes and move them to my tube preamp. They use the same 4 tubes. Turn on the Jolida with the pre tubes removed while using it as an amp only? Is it safe? Or do I need to order another 4 preamp tubes. 


Didn’t work. Didn’t blow up either so that’s good. Must need the preamp tubes installed either way for sound to come out. Anyway now got the tube preamp hooked up to a benchmark AHB2. Sounds really damn good so far. 

Only the 12AX7 are preamp tube, the 12AT7 are driver tube.

If driver tube are not installed, the power amp will not work.

I would not leave socket's empty, even if used as Amp, keep tubes/pins in the sockets.

Just gonna order another 2 sets to get the Jolida operational and move it down the road.