Integrated tube amp with phono pre - need recco

Believe it or not, my wife has caught the LP bug and we agreed to put together a midfi system for her to play records.  We had heard a system with a Peachtree integrated with a built in phono pre and loved it.  I’m finding the Peachtree lineup baffling so I can’t seem to identify the unit, but anyway…

Looking for recommendations MSRP in the $900-1100 range.  Must have phono pre built in (no linestages) and tubed.  What are the options you’d recommend?  


You want tube’s because you believe SS is harsh. Look at the Heed Elexir.  Phono stage and a very good headphone amp. Check the online reviews. Absolutely smooth and musical. 

I'm not wedded to tubes, so open to suggestions, but the ~$1000 MSRP price point is important.  The Heed Elixir (ss) is a terrific idea (reviews are very positive) but it's a small European brand and no used units are out there. 

Does the Peachtree Nova150 have a built-in phone pre-amp?  The info I saw indicates it doesn't.  I've been finding the Peachtree lineup baffling to work through in terms of specs. 

Really appreciate the help here.