Integrated upgrade recomendations

Hi all!  Newish to the hobby.  I've had a PS Sprout 100 and Wharfedale Denton 85 for about 2 years.  They sound great but I have the itch to upgrade. Any recommendations for an integrated amp for these speakers, or should I upgrade the speakers first?  Budget is $2000 or so


Creek, Music Fidelity, Burson, Rogue, or a Kinki (super nice Chinese amps that hit WAY above their price). 

but yeah, Belles is also killin’!

I like the Marantz PM8006;  I had a PM8005 for several years and was very happy with the overall performance.  Received almost full value as a trade in.


Just went through this got  a Rotel A14

very happy 


great  sound

tons of inputs and outputs






The Sprout is bright and the Wharfedale's are dull. If you are keeping one as part of any future upgrade path then bear in mind you like the current sound.  If you replace one of them, do so with the same characteristics. If you believe you will upgrade both in the future either do it now or pick the one with a more neutral balance. Cheaper Marantz amps and dads tend to be bright. Rotel and certainly Creek tend to be more neutral. Musical Fidelity are rather more hit and miss some great others not, some bright, some dull. If you can afford then Naim are my preference of the well known brands, with NAD a good cheaper choice.