Integrated w/phono: Musical Fidelity or NAD or MH?

Should I go for a MF A3.2 or NAD C355BEE or maybe a Music Hall 25.2? I need phono. The MF 3.2 has it built in, the NAD and MH 25.2 would need external (NAD PP2). Each set up would cost about $600 used. Each has similar power. The speakers I have are Usher X718. Other options? Thanks.
Sorry, I should have been more clear - the Peachtree Decco is an integrated amp w/ a built-in DAC.

Might want to consider Onkyo A-9555. It's a digital amp - sounds smooth like an upscale piece...

Has Phono built in - low power though - you might need an external phono depending on your set up...

A guy here at the Agon said he like it better than all the English offerings at the price range.