Integrateds, for $1000.00

Dear Audiophiles, I've saved up $1000 to buy an integrated amp for my psb stratus bronze speakers. Please give me your recommendation and reasons. I'm relying on your honest advice, the salemen only recommend what they have, and I'm conused. Thanking you in advance...Bennett
Take a look at the Plinius 2100i. It has recently been upgraded and is supposed to sound very much like (if not identical to) the extraordinary 8150. US list price is $2000, but can be bought new for a price close to your target.
If you are willing to buy used equipment, you absolutely should include the Bryston BP-60 on your short list. It has gotten outstanding reviews by a wide variety of audio mags. I have heard the BP-60, and it deserves all the praise it has gotten. If you want more info on the BP-60, look at Bryston's Web page at:
The Audio Refinement Complete, made by YBA ROCKS. it retails for $1k, has a remote, and side by side with the Jolida, whick I was once in love with, there is NO CONTEST. If I had more sensitive speakers, I would sell my Conrad Johnson/McCormack setup and buy this integrated- and stop reading Stereophile. If you can get your hands on one of these to audition, I PROMISE YOU, (as a total stranger) it might leave you thinking... do I really need to spend more??? It's that good. Smooooooth mids and highs, tubelike, but without the tube "thickness"to the sound. Bass is oh-so solid, this is truly a winner- and I don't even own one. All you other dudes take note, if you haven't heard this one, make an effort. It is worth it. G13