Integrateds: Why do they all SUCK?

I’m trying to find a HIGH QUALITY integrated that has:
1. A no-corners-cut real class A - A/B power stage.
2. A real, high quality analog preamp line stage.
3. A good phono stage.

Aside from a few very high end products, the above described integrateds seem not to exist. Why can’t I find a quality integrated? Do we just have to accept having a pile of boxes?
I’m seriously starting to despair at finding a high quality integrated with a REAL active line stage and a high-quality MC phono stage. I’m trying to get off this separates upgrade spiral. Is this just not possible?

I'll check out the ones people are posting...but man, researching integrated amps is like a case study in things that SUCK.
Stick with separates. Clearly there is nothing out there up to your standards, what ever they are. And stick with the cheapest ones you can find, because everything that is high priced is a ripoff. You will surely achieve stellar sound with your approach.
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