Integrating video streaming into a dedicated audiophile system

I'd like to add HDTV to my audiophile system (Trinnov Amethyst, dcs Rossini, Roon nucleas plus, D'Agostino S250 biamp to refurbished Apogee Divas with Dax, 2 JL 13.5 inch subs, Walker Audio airbearing TT with Sumiko MM cartridge, Niagra power straps, ACS room treatments in a larger 21x27 feet room with a vaulted ceiling). There is at least 108 inches between speakers, and I do not want to mount on the wall or suspend the video screen from the ceiling. I seriously am  considering an AWOL retractable screen and short throw laser project.


Does anyone have experience integrating HDTV streaming into a dedicated audiophile system, so I could listen and watch streamed and blu-ray concerts, ballets, operas, movies, etc? Does anyone have an AWOL video system -what do you think? Any serious suggestions would be deeply appreciated!


All very compelling options. I like deep_333's idea. It seems very doable and could retain excellent sound quality while adding HDTV. Think I'll dig deeper into this idea. Thx all!


btw, screen height is very important. I'm 6', donna's 5'. while sitting in viewing position, we used piles of books, until we found height that was neck friendly.

Then I made a riser to position the TV above the cabinet below, and put the center speaker below tv, on rack

lousy pic, you get the idea

center speaker below tv anchors dialog to image. that's a metal sculpture on wall above tv


Hi… I just came across this thread and I have a system configured similar to yours where I connect an oppo blueray player via HDMI to a overhead projector and the oppo to my preamp. It works great for spinning disc media in the oppo, but how do you bring live streaming TV into the system? How can I watch Netflix, for example, on the screen, without having to introduce an AV receiver or some other hardware?


I had a choice of NVDA vs Roku Ultra. I chose Roku for ease of adding the apps I desired. It is easy to use, and has YouTube, Netflix and others built in. I highly recommend it, but research which would work best for you. Very reliable. Even Chromecast does very well on this system, too! I told my wife that adding the AWOL projector with the retractable dedicated screen is oe of the best things I've ever purchased! The screen retracts into a 4x4x115 inch box on the floor and gets completely out of the way of the dedicated audio system. Unseen and unheard when what you want is pure audio! And the video can be up and running in 60 seconds! Since my hearing was damaged, adding a 120 inch diagonal screen to my classical, jazz, opera listening really helped my enjoyment!