Integrityhifi TRU-GLIDER Pendulum Tonearm

Has anyone lived with this tonearm for a while?  I am curious to see what you think of the unit.  I can see the frictionless design but I don't see how it remains in alignment while playing.  It is some very impressive "out of box" thinking, which caught my interest.


Congratulations on the J Sikora table! 😎  I spent many hours over 3 days during the recent AXPONA Show near Chicago this past April listening to the J Sikora Reference Line table, mated with Doshi Tube Electronics and Joseph Audio Pearl Graphene Speakers.  Imho, this system was easily the best and most enjoyable sound at the show for me.  If I were to get another table, I seriously think this would be the one!

Getting back on the topic of this thread, the Tru-Glider tone arm.... it might be beneficial to those members that are interested in pursuing this arm if we new the following (if you'd be willing to share with us 😊)

1. Which tonearm did the Tru-Glider replace on your J Sikora?

2. Did you use the same cartridge and phono stage with both arms?

3. Which cartridge and phono stage did you use?

4. Just out of my own curiosity, which J Sikora table do you have?

Thank you for sharing all of your thoughts and experiences with us all!

Best wishes to everyone,


And is the recommended pivot to spindle distance greater than the pivot to stylus distance?

The Nasotec headshell is by itself a problematic product from what I’ve read.

So doctor V, you know people who only read stone tablets in ancient Greek or other ancient languages?  Internet says the Greeks first intuited that the earth is round about 500 years BC.  In the 1600s, Galileo added to the pile of evidence with his telescope.  Since the printing press was invented around then, most printed historical texts would say the earth is round.  But it is fair to point out that perhaps I should have either quoted a source or made my own case against the Nasotec, instead of smearing it by implication.  I have never owned or heard one, but I did read some reviews of it on WBF and elsewhere.  If you have one and have a more positive view, let's hear it.