Interaction with music server while listening?

I'm only just now starting to investigate music servers, so please pardon my ignorance. I'm interested in a silent computer-based server with AES ouput and hi-rez capacity, which will also rip my CDs, for use with an outboard DAC like Berkeley alpha. (Similar to servers offered at endpcnoise; but any other suggestions are welcome). My main question: What types of remotes are people finding most useful with such systems? I've seen units like the Logitech remotes, and also the small wireless netbook offered with Music Vault Diamond, but there must be many choices....
I have the Music Vault Diamond. The netbook, paired with a wireless trackball, has proven to be an excellent solution.
Curriemt11 - Do you find the netbook+trackball easy to operate while you are sitting in your "listening chair", or do you have them sitting on a table?
Hi Ral,

Either way, actually. The netbook itself is very small and light, so it can go nearly anywhere. Likewise, the trackball is not placement critical. My seats are three across, with the prime listening position in the center, of course. I generally leave the trackball on the arm of the chair to my right. The only fiddly part is the size of the wireless receiver, of all things. I really have no idea why Logitech made this thing as large as they did. I'm considering using Velcro to attach it to the top of the netbook, just to get it out of the way.

In any event, apart from this last bit, I'm liking the trackball more and more every day.