interconnect and speaker cable advice

Folks, here's my deal. I have the sunfire stereo amp and classic preamp and dunlavy scIII's. My budget won't yet allow me for the best cable set up but im loooking for advice as to what connectors and speaker cable I can get away for on the ecomomic side until I can upgrade. Any advice on my immediate and long term solutions? Peace, Andy.
If you are handy with an iron you can make up a very satisfactory set of interconnects using cannare quad cable and neutrik RCA's. These are available through the many pro-audio dealers, ie., Full Compass ect. Nordost makes decent speaker cable, on the cheap, that seems to be an approprite match for your system. I would suggest buying used for a significant discount.
I can't suggest any interconnects for you, But I did audition some CV-4 speaker cable from AudioQuest and I really liked it. Cost is about 6/ft.
I have won a nbs interconnect right here on audiogon and I really like it. Nordost spkr cables are good and the connections are well made. Peace and good listening.
Budget lines from Kimber or Tara Labs should be quite sufficient in the short term for you.
Audio Advisor always has MIT interconnects at about half price. Kimber PBJ's or Heros should do the trick as well. Good Luck.