Interconnect recommendations for phono preamp to integrated amp

Hello all,
I am looking for a pair of interconnects to go between my phono preamp (musical fidelity (lx-lps) and my plinius 8100 integrated amp. I am running a rega p25 with the stock cables into the MF phono preamp. The rest of the system is a MF A3.2 CD player with Kimber kcag to the amp. Speakers are B&W P6 with xlo ultra 12 bi wire speaker cables. Should I stick with Kimber or xlo for some “synergy”? I am thinking Kimber hero or xlo ultra 1.
any other suggestions?
thanks in advance,
I would stick with Kimber, if you’re happy withe the kcag. But Hero is lower quality than what you have. I like Silver Streak, which is almost in the same class as kcag. Haven’t heard Carbon, but that should also be comparable to kcag.