Interconnect with great dynamics and bass slam ,

I recently purchased some Cardas Golden cross sepaker cables. They replaced my Dh Lab Q10s. I replaced the Q10s because i was getting some upper mid freq brightness.
I have Golden Cross interconnects from preamp to amp and from cd player to pre amp. The sound is very smooth and detailed .The bass and mid bass is not as authorative or as tight. The highs are better - more detailed and smooth.
The problem is the sound is almost too smooth the bass is kind of rounded off now .The sound is less dynamic.
My Question is.
Is there an interconnect that could give me back that great bass and dynamics of that i had with the Q10s, without the harshness i was getting. I think i would like to keep the Golden Cross speaker cables and try changing the ICs. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
I will keep my eyes peeled for some tara labs air 1 or JPs Superconductor 3 to try first
Cardas cables are sensitive to being moved around and hooked up. They take a while to stabilize in the system even if used and broken in. I am intrigued by the JPS cables! Golden Cross does a lot I like but it does have its flaws.
I have experienced how cables can alter sound, better, worse, and sometimes just different, but don't understand why someone would use cables that are more expensive than the equipment. Makes better sense to spend the money on better equipment.
The Golden cross Speaker cables are used cables . Surely they don'yt need 300 ours .?

Grey9hound: In my opinion---no, and I've previously owned both Cardas Golden Cross and Golden Reference.
Look for interconnects made with OCC copper or OCC silver, with teflon dielectric and gold- or silver-plated copper connectors. No brass. Some Neotech cables fit the bill, and Neotech is found in many high-end interconnects. Personally, I don't care for Cardas.