Interconnect with great dynamics and bass slam ,

I recently purchased some Cardas Golden cross sepaker cables. They replaced my Dh Lab Q10s. I replaced the Q10s because i was getting some upper mid freq brightness.
I have Golden Cross interconnects from preamp to amp and from cd player to pre amp. The sound is very smooth and detailed .The bass and mid bass is not as authorative or as tight. The highs are better - more detailed and smooth.
The problem is the sound is almost too smooth the bass is kind of rounded off now .The sound is less dynamic.
My Question is.
Is there an interconnect that could give me back that great bass and dynamics of that i had with the Q10s, without the harshness i was getting. I think i would like to keep the Golden Cross speaker cables and try changing the ICs. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
@ jmcgrogan2,A pusher of a product is someone who makes money!,I on the other hand, make nothing!
To be Honest . The Golden Cross Speaker Cables are sounding Excellent now .
They finally opened up and don't sound nearly as congested as they did . Great highs, not at all bright, more extended than the Q10s (cymbals were very recessed with the Q10s). they are also less forward sounding than the Q10s. .
The bass may not be quite as good as with the Q10s. The mids are Great and that nasty sharp bite that i had in the lower highs or upper mids with Q10s is GONE.
Really good recordings sound awesome.
I will still give the Analysis Plus a try. They should be here by Wednesday , i hope .

Grey9hound, happy that you’re pleased with the changes to your system.

“You might be surprised at what pricey cables can do for a system that is not high end mine .”

I do have quite a bit of experience with cables, from personal systems, friends systems, and about 20 years working in the audio industry. The point I was trying to make in my previous post is that a system can only be as good as its weakest link, and using cables more expensive than the equipment is like installing $1000 racing tires on a stock Civic. Sure, they perform better than stock tires, but to realize all they can do, the drive train and suspension must be upgraded as well.

I would hate to see you wind up on the cable merry-go-round, like so many do, myself included some years ago.
"I have experienced how cables can alter sound, better, worse, and sometimes just different, but don't understand why someone would use cables that are more expensive than the equipment. Makes better sense to spend the money on better equipment"
This weas your quote
So let me just respond and say that
"you do not have to understand ."
And the cables do not cost more than the equipment
Grey9hound, member Audiolab has labeled me a pusher(I think) of Analysis Plus products. That couldn't be further from the truth. I am a granite countertop installer and a tile guy. No ties to AP in any way.