Interconnect with great dynamics and bass slam ,

I recently purchased some Cardas Golden cross sepaker cables. They replaced my Dh Lab Q10s. I replaced the Q10s because i was getting some upper mid freq brightness.
I have Golden Cross interconnects from preamp to amp and from cd player to pre amp. The sound is very smooth and detailed .The bass and mid bass is not as authorative or as tight. The highs are better - more detailed and smooth.
The problem is the sound is almost too smooth the bass is kind of rounded off now .The sound is less dynamic.
My Question is.
Is there an interconnect that could give me back that great bass and dynamics of that i had with the Q10s, without the harshness i was getting. I think i would like to keep the Golden Cross speaker cables and try changing the ICs. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
I do not and did not think anyone here was a pusher of a certain cable.
I do believe everyone was trying to be helpful and honest , except Tls49
. I do not understand why he made the comments that he did.
I do realize that the cables are costly compared to the components, but i truly believe great cables can help a budget sytem like mine. i am hearing it with the Cardas Golden Cross speaker cables . i do believe and hv e experienced that even used cables, especially some of the Cardas take a long time of Running in to sound there best. i experienced that first hand when i initially installed the Golde Cross ICs. I really had a hard time believing that used cables needed quite a bit of run time . But i experienced it first hand and know that it is true .
the Golden Cross are sounded more and more clear everyday .
I thought initially there were muddy and kind of setback in the mids and highs... Not so much anymore.
The Analysis Plus should be here tomorrow. The seller created a shipping label , initially on the 1st , but they never got shipped.
They were Re-Sent yesterday and show that they will deliver tomorrow.
Thanks agian to all for the help.
i will post the results of the Solo Crystal Ovals... Soon
I agree with Audiolabyrinth.
here is his post in a different thread.
Sorry ,I didn't mean to call you out . I was just trying to add to my disagreement of Tls49s comments

"02-14-13: Audiolabyrinth
this is an interesting forum!I do not know what systems Hifinut604 did test on,I will say I have done the same test with complete oppisite outcome!I even went further with the test than hifinut604 did,$.50cent i/c and $1.00 a foot speaker cable. I can here a huge diference between a $4,000.00 speaker cable and the cheap one,and the same effect with the cheap i/c and a $2,800.00,It was like going from a bycycle to a ferrai!LoL! with all the years I have done test, I believe the cables should cost way more than most eanything in your system,if you know what your doing!,one of my test was a $300.00 yamaha cd-player with resonance control on top and bottom with a $4,000.00 I/C,, woh and behold this out performed a spectral amp,cd-player,and pre-amp with lesser quality cables,,A whole lot of people were laughing! then there was the silence,I thought I about made them cry when they heard the yamaha player with better cables!,very true story!"
Grey9hound, I totally agree and apologize for being out of line trying to evaluate your entire system. I should have just answered your specific question. Guess I’m turning into a cantankerous old man. For what it’s worth, and you care to give me a 2nd chance, here’s a cable you should investigate, ZU Audio Varial. Sorry, but you rarely see them for sale, although they come up occasionally, that should tell you people keep them. They have been compared to cables costing more than 10 times their price. One of these is the Stealth Indra, currently $7000 for a 1M pair. I have personally compared the Varial with Stealth Metacarbon, a step below the Indra, and they are very close. I also compared Varial to Audience Au24 and Nordost Valkyrja. I preferred the Varial, just better overall, and since you asked, definitely better bass. Check out the links below for the reviews.

On this one pay close attention to the paragraph below the 2nd picture of the Varials(XLR), and the last paragraph.

Varials are about a quarter of the way down the list on this one. bad LOL! Sorry for the confusion, I should have read further into this thread. I realize my posts could also have been construed as sales pitches. I do really enjoy using the Solo Crystal Oval interconnects. They are a product I believe to be of good quality and a bargain in the used market, therefore an easy recommendation. I hope Grey9hound will like them in his system. On the other hand Audiolabyrinth, this thread and your comments on the forum regarding Tara Labs(especially the Air 1 interconnects), have definitely sparked my interest in these cables!
Thank You Tls49
I appreciate that . I will keep an eye open for those and try them.
I completely understand about being cantankerous old man.
I will be 51 this April ,and i sometimes have to hold off on posting or replying quickly to someone that i do not agree with.(I have to bite my tongue).
Now in my old age I have learned to wait a while and try to be diplomatic about it , although I am not always.
Well the Solo Crystal Ovals will not deliver until tomorrow. (Weather delays ).
I harbor no hard feelings on your comments prior.