Interconnect with great dynamics and bass slam ,

I recently purchased some Cardas Golden cross sepaker cables. They replaced my Dh Lab Q10s. I replaced the Q10s because i was getting some upper mid freq brightness.
I have Golden Cross interconnects from preamp to amp and from cd player to pre amp. The sound is very smooth and detailed .The bass and mid bass is not as authorative or as tight. The highs are better - more detailed and smooth.
The problem is the sound is almost too smooth the bass is kind of rounded off now .The sound is less dynamic.
My Question is.
Is there an interconnect that could give me back that great bass and dynamics of that i had with the Q10s, without the harshness i was getting. I think i would like to keep the Golden Cross speaker cables and try changing the ICs. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Grey9hound, I know there is opinions out there,I will base mine on facts!,1.I have bi-amp speakers my self,2.I use to run two sets of cables,3.I use jumper cables that are directional,they have arrow signs to show the way to use the cables for the signal,4.speaker cables are larger in diameter on the most part,5.jumpers need to have a fair size diameter around themselfs,6.all speaker cables for bi-amping need to run to the bottom post,thats most likely where the main connection is for the cross-over inside the speakers,7.most bi-amp speakers come with a little cheap plate of some sorts to connect all 4 binding post of the speakers to get all the drivers to work,8.a signal looses its intergrity the further it has to travel!even inside componets!,9.based on the last previous fact,It makes since that a quality jumper that is 8" to 10" will loose less signal purity!10.never use a cable that is one cable with 4 cable ends!,for example,a nordost vahalla regular speaker cable that is made for two inputs of course, has two ends with all of its conductors,when nordost makes a bi-amp speaker cable,they do not double the conductors!,most cable brands do not!mmmm,why?the cable would be twice the price on the most part!,and most of the science of the cables inductace and capcitence would be out the window!,in other words,the cable was not designed that way to begin with!,11.It makes good scientific since to run jumpers,they do not need to be the same in diameter around as the speaker cables do!,since they are a whole lot shorter and loose alot less signal intergrity and you are not splitting the mass of the conductors versus bi-amping cables..fially 12.jumpers sound even better than running 4 complete seperate speaker cables as well!,,now!,I do not want to sound like a Taralabs cable pusher,I am a consumer,you can buy what ever brand you want,unfortunally they will not have the same sound!,,I have the Taralabs omega gold speaker cables that are crazy exspensive,are out of reach for most audiophiles!,the Taralabs omega jumpers I have are only $800.00 10" and come with bannanas and spades,In the reach of most audiophiles!,I even put them with the speaker cable called the one,to see what that sounded like recently!,these jumpers are not on the tara web site,call tara and ask for devon,and tell him keith henry, down in mobile,ala told you to call,tell him to get the omega jumpers made and sent to your addresse,,the conductors are wound in a helix configeration the same as the omega speaker cables themselfs with air tubes inside like the omega series cables have,only the omega speaker cables are made this way,the rest of the tara line up is not!now thats if you want them!now for the bomb!,these tara omega jumpers are the most profound improvement to bi-amp speakers I have ever heard!I have listened to alot of other jumpers,not remotely close in transparency or in eany other way possible!,,man-o-man,to tell you the truth,honestly,I would scrap the fricken cardas cables,and use tara the one speaker cables on the bottom speaker post and run the omega jumpers signal from bottom to the top post!I will literally Kiss your axx if you do not believe this is the best sound for the money,I would even get the jumper and use it with the cardas untill you get the tara the one speaker cables,,the tara set-up I am recommending the one speaker cables,the omega jumper cables,is fricken to die for!If you want such a realistic sound that it becomes emotional and tears fly about,this is it!,you also will have bass debpth and incredible slam!,you will have happy listening,cheers!
Audiolabyrinth, I believe you are confused about Grey9hounds amp. His Emotiva LPA-1 is a multichannel amp that he is using 4 separate channels of the 6 or 7(configurable) to bi-amp his speakers. Also, you are actually single wire with jumpers on you speakers, and the other scenario you make reference to is bi-wire. Glad you’re happy with your setup, and I do agree using single wire/jumpers as oppose to bi-wire, although a lot of people do like bi-wire. Don’t want to open that can of worms.

Grey9hound, have you ever used identical speaker cables? Just curious.
Audiolabyrinth , #1. My Amp is not powerful enough to drive these speakers to the level i want without bi-amping.
I tried running this way with jumpers and two amp channels instead of four . #2 The sound is more open sounding and dynamic when i am bi-amping. #3 My system is a little bright for music ,that is one reason for using the Golden Cross. #4 I tried the Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval interconnect from CD player to pre-amp ans they are too forward to my liking, also less bass than the Golden Cross ICs and a little bright sounding on some stuff, not bad mind you, I am sure that is more attributed to my sytem more than anything. I would say the AP solo crystal are probably more accurate but also very revealing .
SOOOOO . I'll keep on the lookout for some Tara the one ICs to try. Before i make a final decision on whether too keep the Golden Cross Speaker cables, I will try the Q10 speaker cables back in place of the Golden Cross.
Thanks for the Recommendations.
I Think the Taralabs the one speaker cables out out of my price range .
02-28-13: Jmcgrogan2
Grey9hound, enjoy the new cables. :)

I just sold a pair of Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8 speaker cables, they had many good tonal qualities, but their forward soundstage just wasn't my cup of tea.

03-11-13: Grey9hound
#4 I tried the Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval interconnect from CD player to pre-amp ans they are too forward to my liking,

Yeah, that's what I heard too.