Shortly I'll be getting a new amp. I currently have a pair of Mackenzies to connect the pass 250. 8 to my audio research 6se. Should I be spending more for the interconnects? As you can imagine I've already spent a lot of money on the components. Somebody suggested Synergistic research in the $500 range.

Should I be fine with the Mackenzies or is there something better for such high end equipment that would be in that price range? I only need a meter.

Thank you.


It is likely you are leaving sound quality on the table. Consider Transparent interconnects and AudioQuest Storm series.


I have had Audio Research preamps and Pass amps for decades although I moved to Audio Research amps now. At the level of performance of your components you want wires that do nothing to tip or modify the sound quality, but be completely transparent with a very low noise floor so you can hear your components unadulterated. 

What specific improvements would you like to achieve from your current interconnects?

Well I won't be able to tell until I get my new amp really. But I was wondering what people who have used Mackenzies in the past found improved when they upgraded interconnects or have they stayed with this level of Audioquest and found no level of improvement if they went to a higher level.

Make sure it is well broken in, several hundred hours and lots of listening time. Only then try swapping in a better interconnect when you know the new sound of your system inside and out. Borrow from desler or Cable company.


also your equipment is worthy of a much better interconnect than $500. Of course the sound quality improvement you hear must be worth it to you. The Ref is definitely worthy of $1 - $2K for instance.

Use your current interconnects and enjoy your new components.  after you have fully formed your opinions and understand your new sound, then consider new interconnects.  It will be clearer to you then.