Interconnects for 3 a pair

The latest issue of Listener magazine has an article about making your own cables using magnet wire. I decided to give it a try and was really suprised. I have what is considered a high resolution system, (CJ, Wilson, Pass, Kuzma, Benz) and they held up very well against some Kimber Select 1030 and transparent Ultra. It may not work as well in your system, but you really can't lose at this price even if you throw them away. Even if you have to buy a soldering iron you can't be out over $20. They also suggest variations using silver wire and better connectors, which I may explore. But for now, I am very happy with these cheap interconnects.
Bruce, i'd love to try these. I just ordered a set of homegrown silver lace with 30 day mbg. Maybe we could do a a/b? could you email me your phone number again?
Magnet wire is copper wire with an enamel coating on it. That way it can be wrapped around a core and the windings won't short to each other.