Interconnects for Bryston BCD-1 & B60R combo

I'm looking for an interconnect to go between the Bryston BCD-1 CD player & the Bryston B60R Integrated amp. I'm not happy with the RCA pair of Harmonic Tech Magic Link II I'm now using. While some discs sound nice, most sound too detailed and hard sounding for my tastes. I'm looking for a minor softening up of the mids & highs while retaining the detail. Can the BCD-1 be tamed? I'm not looking to replace the power cord just yet. Thanks for your help!
I went to Bryston's site (in fact earlier today) and took notice to their brand of IC's. I couldn't find any detailed info. on them so I put that idea aside. About an hour ago I spoke to Joe at Audio Advisor and decided to purchase a pair of Kimber Select KS-1011. Based on Rockadanny's post on this thread and reading about Copper vs. Silver/Copper IC's I decided to go with the KS-1011 for now. Nothing is perfect but all three of the IC's I used with the Bryston combo just didn't work for me. Thanks for your input.
No prob Kevin,just for some reading,Vandamme is the company that makes the cables for Bryston.I believe PMC uses their cables also.
I tried the Vandamme speaker cables between my Bryston 2B and PMC TB2+ monitors. I was very disappointed with the resolution and transparency. Maybe I didn't give them enough time to open up, but I sold them within a month.
I finally ended up Grover Huffman cables (speaker, i/c and PC). The overall balance is the perfect match with Bryston/PMC. Bass has slam and is deep; mids are spot on; highs are crisp but not overly so. I'm very happy with Grover's line and recommend anyone with a Bryston or PMC setup to try them.