Interconnects for Pass Labs X260.8

What balanced interconnects are you using with your X260.8 or X350.8?

Looking to potentially move on from my Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper XLRs. While they worked wonderfully with lower power amps I had with their plump bass, including the XA30.8, I find them (suspicion at this point) to be too much of a good thing with the X260.8.
What ICs would have the same natural tone but have better clarity and faster bass?

Gear (in my profile as well):

Bricasti M3, Wilson Sabrina, Pass XP22 preamp, X260.8 amps, Audience AU24SX speaker cables. Amps plugged into outlet on a 20A dedicated circuit.

Thanks in advance!


I have a Pass Labs 250.8 powering Wilson Sabrina X's.  I use Shunyata Alpha v.2 interconnects from the ARC REF to the ampler and Shunyata Alpha v.2 speaker cables.  The sound fantastic with Pass and Wilson

I would suggest continuing on with the AU24sx. Their neutrality and transparency always amaze me. I have not heard the Frontrow cables yet but have been told by friends that they do everything the AU24sx does but with even better clarity and transparency. 

I used to use Transparent Ultra between my Pass 350 and Sonus Faber before I moved to tube amps.