Interconnects for Pass Labs X260.8

What balanced interconnects are you using with your X260.8 or X350.8?

Looking to potentially move on from my Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper XLRs. While they worked wonderfully with lower power amps I had with their plump bass, including the XA30.8, I find them (suspicion at this point) to be too much of a good thing with the X260.8.
What ICs would have the same natural tone but have better clarity and faster bass?

Gear (in my profile as well):

Bricasti M3, Wilson Sabrina, Pass XP22 preamp, X260.8 amps, Audience AU24SX speaker cables. Amps plugged into outlet on a 20A dedicated circuit.

Thanks in advance!


@audphile1, very strange.  I like the HF with the Shunyata.  Since we both use Pass amps and the Sabrina X speakers, I would have thought you would have a better experience.  I wonder if room acoustics  have anything to do with your experience.

I love my ARC REF 6 in my system, and have no interest in changing it, at least at this time. It has great synergy, and I like it even better than going direct from my MSB DAC to the Pass amp, which is no slouch either. I do not really like the hassle of tubes (when they become one, that is) and of course, I am keeping an eye on what is going on at ARC right now.  However, I will not be getting rid of the ARC until it dies a sad death and at that point, I will be looking for a "tubey-sounding" SS pre.

@jjss49 thanks but hard to imagine these cables approach the resolution if the AZ Absolute Copper. I swapped the DAC to pre with AZ Silver Ref II and it toned down the heavy bottom end so may be you’re onto something with your silver recommendation.

in my experience well made well balanced cables of silver or silver plated copper invariably provide a little more air and sheen up top compared to straight 100% copper cables... this assumes the maker is not doing some tricks with insulation/dielectric or shape of the cable (like nordost ribbons) to suppress the bottom end and fool the ears into thinking the copper cables are super resolving up top

of course, as always, ymmv

I was going to suggest the AZ Silver Refs, but you’re obviously already familiar with them so is there something holding you back from trying them between your pre and amp?  

@soix yes…I don’t have the XLR shorting silvers are RCAs. So I’m only able to try them between dac and pre

@moto_man mine are actually the original Sabrinas. But I don’t think that matters much. I might give the alpha v2 power cords another shot. These X260.8 amps are drastically different from the 30.8. They have full control of the speakers. And the bass now is much better than it was with the 30.8. I’m starting with the XLRs first. 
And yes, I’m tweaking the room acoustics to tune the room to these amps. It’s a process…