Interconnects for Rotel amp/prepro

Perhaps this would be more appropriate in the Cables category but it also fits the Amps/Preamps category which is probably viewed more than the Cables area. Can I ask the forum who owns and uses Rotel multi-channel amps powering a Rotel preamp/processor or AVR which audio analog RCA cable interconnects you are using (length, brand, model or series, price each)? Which brand really opens up the potential and soundstage/detail of Rotel equipment preferably with B&W loudspeakers?

I'm on a budget (max $40.00 each interconnect) and am considering Audioquest Alpha-Snake or G-Snake, Monster Ultra Series THX 600 or 800, Blue Jeans LC-1, etc. My length is 4' per interconnect x 5 (5.1 surround sound). Thanks.
I would buy either some AQ "Copperhead" IC's or some used/new Tara Labs Prism 33i IC's. Your 4' length is a little longer than the standard 1 meter. (You may need to custom order or make your own. Are you handy w/a soldering iron? Neutric makes really good connetors for less than $2 ea. So, $8 plus wire makes a really good IC.) I made a few pairs using the AQ Copperhead wire and these are really good sounding IC's. The factory made Tara Labs Prism 33i is excellent. (One seller on E... has new ones in 2m lengths. I would give those some thought. Good luck!