Interconnects with Meridian 508.24?

any suggestions on cable selection? balanced or unbalanced?
I use XLO's and am very happy. The bottom line is what sounds good in your system overall. Good luck and happy listening.
I switched from Cardas Golden Cross (RCA) to Alpha Core Goertz Sapphire (XLR, silver and flat). The change yielded better treble definition, but with a slight dimunition of bass output.
I use HT Pro-Silway Mk IIs with my 508.24 and throughout my system. I also use RCA because my preamp is not balanced. The Pro-Silways were a significant improvement over the other brands I tried (DH-Labs, Audioquest--middle range, and kimber select). If you can use the balanced, though, go for it. I've heard a lot of comments similar to that of 7671 above.

I'm using FMS Zero XLR from my 508.24, and Transparent Ref from pre to amp, and amp to speakers. Very open, extended, and transparent sounding. Nice synergy w/Transparent. If the rest of your system is a true balanced design you may get better results using XLR through out.