Interest in Ohm speakers

From time to time I've seen posts/comments here on Ohm models.  So there is likely some interest in this preview by Steve Guttenberg.  Now looking forward to his full review.
You don't see many omnidirectional or even pseudo omnidirectional designs nowadays, so naturally they look interesting.

They seem to be a modern take on Lincoln Walsh's original 1970s Ohm A design. You can read some more on their website here:

Z Reviews
and Steve Guttenberg both seem very impressed with them, but until recently, for such a radically different approach, they have been ignored by the print media. 

Happy owner for many years. These speakers never fatigue and always satisfy. What else does anyone want from you speaker. 

I listened to them at RMAF.  Went back to my notes.  They sounded "small" to me.  This was my impression and on the second day with my audio buddy, he had the same comment.  It wasn't a problem with the overall tone, but the lack of overall presence.