Interest in Ohm speakers

From time to time I've seen posts/comments here on Ohm models.  So there is likely some interest in this preview by Steve Guttenberg.  Now looking forward to his full review.

I listened to them at RMAF.  Went back to my notes.  They sounded "small" to me.  This was my impression and on the second day with my audio buddy, he had the same comment.  It wasn't a problem with the overall tone, but the lack of overall presence. 


It was a normal sized hotel room in I believe Vinnie Rossi room.  Ohm wasn't being formally exhibited and just being used by the Vinnie Rossi folks.  I didn't catch the model of the speakers.

Coukd you tell what was the driver size?   Its indicated by the diameter of the "can".

 The z reviews suite on the 9th floor was supposed to have Ohm 3000s which are middle of the range depending on room size.