Interest in Ohm speakers

From time to time I've seen posts/comments here on Ohm models.  So there is likely some interest in this preview by Steve Guttenberg.  Now looking forward to his full review.

It was a normal sized hotel room in I believe Vinnie Rossi room.  Ohm wasn't being formally exhibited and just being used by the Vinnie Rossi folks.  I didn't catch the model of the speakers.

Coukd you tell what was the driver size?   Its indicated by the diameter of the "can".

 The z reviews suite on the 9th floor was supposed to have Ohm 3000s which are middle of the range depending on room size.
I actually liked the ohms at RMAF.  I thought they sounded nice.  Obviously, set-up wasnt ideal, they were in the corners of the room behind a row of 4 pairs of bookshelf speakers on stands.  I thought they were detailed, relaxed, good bass and filled the room evenly.  I see why people like them!

The room was actually on the big side as well.  It would be comparable to an open floorplan, where a great room is open to a kitchen and dining room, if that makes sense.