Interested in Focal Scala Utopias

I'd like to know more about the characteristics of these speakers. Anyone familiar with them? I don't think there are any US dealers.
Of course there are US dealers. One of which is in SoCal and another is in NYC.

If you want to know about the Scalas here you go: (in German)
Unfortunately, Sound By Singer doesn't have the Scala.

Anyone know of another east coast dealer?
You can contact Focal's US distributor, Audio Plus Services. I am sure they can point you to the right dealer.

Good luck!
do yourself a favour and order Maestro, I did hear extensively all utopia range side by side. Scala is great speaker(only complaints can be shy bass, intoleranse to sibilance and compression at higher levels) but Maestro is MUCH better- its way much smoother, but have more detail, transpaent but not bright, does not go in to compression on higher levels,bass can be felt not only heard, have soundstage and coherensy of drivers like not any other utopia III speakers(including Grande EM and Stella EM)