Interesting comment on Bose Speakers.....

 I’ve heard quite a few audiophile speakers that used expensive drivers in ways that...well, didn’t suit my taste. Quite a few speakers using Focal tweeters made me feel like that guy in the movie Seven Beauties who went to “better  @@%%@!. Say what you want about Bose but a Bose speaker never made me want to leave the room.

Bose speakers are great for the true quality speaker companies who now offer inexpensive excellent sounding products & make them look & sound like what they are - mass marketed junk. Elac, PSB, Paradigm, Polk & many others all make great sounding speakers for under $1000 that put to shame any Bose speaker.

No cheap single driver can possibly cover the full frequency range of music & Play at realistic volume levels no matter how much its artificially equalized. There are some very expensive that sort of do at moderate levels. 


The 901's in their heydays of the 1970's were fun because they could play loud, had a large if very indistinct sound stage & didn't dominate a room's decor but did nothing to keep me involved & wanting to listen more. That to me is the ultimate test for any piece of audio equipment. 

My wife and I get an AirBNB in Carmel every year...same place.

It has a humble Bose stereo with a collection of CDs to choose from. Very charming. Obviously no consideration for acoustics in the octagonal living room the stereo resides in.

But the system sounds good enough that occasionally I take notice.

I think the lack of crossovers and the band pass subwoofer (also no crossover) create a very phase coherent presentation.

They don’t create issues they need to overcome. It’s smart. And good enough for most average folks.

We live in a different world where the potential to get better sound is always a priority.


The 901 is an interesting beast; carefully set up in given space it could mimic a 'wall of sound' quality that was entertaining.

Reminds me now of a mutant dipole of sorts, but even more dependent of the space and placement within it.

Certainly could flood the room in a 'sonic bath', for sure. *L*