Interesting experience with two very different speaker designs

I wanted to relay my experience with two different sets of speakers in hopes that it might prove interesting and/or help some folks.

My current speakers are Tekton Electron SE with a Pass XA30.5 and a MicroZOTL2 Preamp.  I was absolutely loving the sound but I started getting into the DIY open baffle thing.  I started with a very simple JE labs design with a single driver and after a few prototypes, I ended up with a 2-way using an Emminence Alpha 15 and a Tang Band W8 2145.

After breaking the DIY speakers in a bit, I was really blown away.  The soundstage was huge and very 3D.  The bass was big and warm but still pretty fast and articulate.  Also, the speed of the speakers was very apparent.  I loved them especially on big orchestral works where the soundstage really comes to life.

I lived with them for about 4 months and then I put the Electrons back.  Very interesting.  Timbrally, the Electrons were just better.  The OBs upper midrange sounded kind of flat and beamy in comparison.  The bass on the Electrons, though not as extended, was better controlled.  In some ways I found the OBs to be more transparent in that they really pointed out the flaws in some recordings.  Well recorded stuff sounded amazing but they gave no love to mediocre recordings.  The Electrons just make everything sound good. Much more forgiving.  

Going from the OBs to the Electrons, I lost some of that soundstage magic.  The Electrons, though they have some depth, lack that completely open 3D thing that the OBs were giving me.  However, from top to bottom, they just sound right.  Instruments sound like how they are supposed to sound.  That all-important midrange really shines.

Though I like both these speakers, I'm going to stick with the Tektons.  However, if what you value is speed, transparency and soundstage over timbre, I think open baffle is a good way to go.  I'll say this with the caveat that I'm not a speaker designer and there may be OB speakers out there that really get the timbre thing right too.  I'd love to hear some!
I had the same experience with ADS L12390ii and Dahlquist DQ12s.  The Dahquist are hybrids with a open top and a sealed woofer creating a tighter bass.  The NOLA speaker still use this configuration.  Teckton does make an open baffle also using a ported bass box.
@ adam8179Tried the face up to ceiling tweeter technique. It added a little improvement but not enough to get around the TB W8 upper end issues. Although adding on the x-over and tweeter gives that little something extra, you do loose some signature of the W8.
I  have non typical diffusors made from random collected junk, limits my walkway.
Every genre of speaker brings its own unique set of characteristics. It should be understood that if you switch genres of speakers, you will hear a mix of attributes quite different from the previous. It should also be expected that you will likely enjoy some and find others a challenge. Not only that, but there are hundreds of models to thin slice once you get past the genre and get to the brands and models. 

Welcome to HiFi speakers! 
Home made speaker vs a professionally manufactured name brand speaker based on years of research and experience. And the name brand speaker wins. Color me surprised :)
Today's DIY speaker builder has so much more knowledge available  in designing his/her  DIY speaker system than your granddaddy or your grandmother did. So many calculators, and other software available that with a little desire to enjoy the road to speaker building success,  "Home Made" has improved so much, with money going into better components that many of the name brands will take short cuts in manufacturing for profitability. " Years of research and experience" in marketing is a major component for brand names.
There are both gooder and better in both brand and DYI speakers. Many brands are like bourbon marketing, give them a great story to sell your product and  you  will get different opinions about the  results, but you got the sale.  Taste buds are like ears, both connected to the brain to decipher your personal experience.
Want to learn more  insight about brand speakers? Danny at GR Research (hybrid commercial/DIY speakers) explains a lot in his testing and making suggestions on improving brand speakers. Master knowledge guru has many You Tube education videos.

Coloring with a broad brush can sometimes smear paint!