Interesting experience with two very different speaker designs

I wanted to relay my experience with two different sets of speakers in hopes that it might prove interesting and/or help some folks.

My current speakers are Tekton Electron SE with a Pass XA30.5 and a MicroZOTL2 Preamp.  I was absolutely loving the sound but I started getting into the DIY open baffle thing.  I started with a very simple JE labs design with a single driver and after a few prototypes, I ended up with a 2-way using an Emminence Alpha 15 and a Tang Band W8 2145.

After breaking the DIY speakers in a bit, I was really blown away.  The soundstage was huge and very 3D.  The bass was big and warm but still pretty fast and articulate.  Also, the speed of the speakers was very apparent.  I loved them especially on big orchestral works where the soundstage really comes to life.

I lived with them for about 4 months and then I put the Electrons back.  Very interesting.  Timbrally, the Electrons were just better.  The OBs upper midrange sounded kind of flat and beamy in comparison.  The bass on the Electrons, though not as extended, was better controlled.  In some ways I found the OBs to be more transparent in that they really pointed out the flaws in some recordings.  Well recorded stuff sounded amazing but they gave no love to mediocre recordings.  The Electrons just make everything sound good. Much more forgiving.  

Going from the OBs to the Electrons, I lost some of that soundstage magic.  The Electrons, though they have some depth, lack that completely open 3D thing that the OBs were giving me.  However, from top to bottom, they just sound right.  Instruments sound like how they are supposed to sound.  That all-important midrange really shines.

Though I like both these speakers, I'm going to stick with the Tektons.  However, if what you value is speed, transparency and soundstage over timbre, I think open baffle is a good way to go.  I'll say this with the caveat that I'm not a speaker designer and there may be OB speakers out there that really get the timbre thing right too.  I'd love to hear some!
@pfiche...absolutely...*S* ;)

...and this is just my left computer monitor...
13" h. x 7" dia., lower cone has the surface area of a 7" dia. driver
arafiq, you said, "Are there are any DIYers out there making products that can beat the usual suspects including KEF, B&W, Klipsch, Tekton, Harbeth, etc.? I'm sure there are, but I'm willing to bet that they are the exception not the norm. The whole argument is based on an outlier." 

Correct, in order to compete they would have to be exceptional. Here is an outlier for you, Scott Kindt of Aspen Acoustics. See my review of the Lagrange L5 MkII at I currently own the preproduction model of the Lagrange L1, which is sonically quite competitive with big boy speakers like the Wilson Alexia or maybe even Alexx V. In conversation with Scott, I know that were the speaker to have a cabinet made professionally it would jack up the MSRP of the speaker a minimum of $5-6K. As it is, the speaker is right at $15K, a dream bargain for someone wanting upper end performance without the nose bleed price. That is what I call an outlier!  :) 

I heard the Tekton Moab finally at a local audiophile's home (good gear; ARC reference pre and Pass Labs XA60.8 amps, etc.) , and imo the L1 is a more prodigious and refined speaker. Of course, in order to make a definitive assessment I would need both transducers in my home. I will be reviewing the production model of the L1 for when it is finalized. Like so many other companies, production is slowed because of driver maker Eton not getting the 11" woofer out the door, or at least not in sufficient quantity.  :) 

When I was talking about DIYers, I was thinking more of that guy who has a full time job not related to audio and pursues building speakers as a part time hobby. But if we're going to bend the rules when defining 'outliers' then I'd be remiss if I don't mention John 'Fritz' Heiler of Fritz Speakers. I'm auditioning his Carrera BE speakers and I'm just in awe of the great sound these speakers are producing. They're giving my Harbeth 30.1s, which are quite a bit more expensive, a run for their money. I'll write my impressions about the speakers in more detail when I get some more free time. But I can tell you this speaker punches considerably above its $3500 asking price.
Outliers , stay strong, bombs away,  didn't sink your ship, Sad that alternate thoughts with no relavince  want to influence your review. Shallow people?Arafiq, thanks for being open minded about what is possible..