Interesting information from Analog Planet on Stylus Cleaner Onzow Zero Dust.

Here is the link, judge for yourself. 
No residue on my stylus but I binned my onzow anyway 



I use a method that was approved by Peter Lederman, or so I was told. Blue Tak, I put it on an old credit card and simply lower the stylus onto it. Then every few plays I use the MoFi LP9.My Onzow was too high to fit the cart onto. Hope this helps, respect.

I’m skeptical this can be solely attributed to the Zerodust, without some other "unusual" factors coming to light. Either way, it’s not going to affect my occasional use of the DS Audio gel pad. I also scrub the stylus after each session with Magic Eraser, and vigorously brush around the stylus and cantilever with firm bristles often, so nothing’s gonna accumulate there anyways.

Every single cleaning tool has its weaknesses, but when combined you’ll have a clean stylus for its (long) lifetime. Like with dental hygiene - don't JUST floss, or just brush, or rinse. Do them all. You can tell audiophiles who don’t brush well because their carts always have large particle beards lol.

I've used ZeroDust for over a decade.  Just checked all my styli/cantilevers under the microscope, and not hint of this problem.  

Mulv, I certainly hope you don’t “scrub” with magic eraser. I use it too, but down on the ME and up off the ME, preferably maintaining a 90 degree orientation of stylus tip to pad seems the only safe method.


I use a method that was approved by Peter Lederman, or so I was told. Blue Tak

Same. I have my Blue Tak mounted on top of my Onzow Box 😁 Which I used to use before the warnings from Peter.