Intergrated Amp suggestions for B&W 805d4

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum and to any music forum for that matter.  I have been reading a lot of threads here that I have been informative and helpful.

I am looking to match an intergrated amp with the new 805s, and would very much appreciate any suggestions or recommendations.

I have listened with the Naim Atom and Nova and personally, whilst  I liked the detail, I found it too forward and fatiguing.  With the Hegel 390, I found the bass rounder but top end more forward. With the Musical Fidelity M5si, I much preferred this sound as it was rounder and softer yet detailed but less detailed than the Naim.  (Apologies if I use the wrong audiophile terminology, I am unfamiliar with these terms but I am only using what I feel best fits with my discription of sound)

A few people have recommended the MA252 and MA 352 from McIntosh as they advised that this will soften the diamond tweeter and also bring warmth and extension to the bass.  Others have recommended tube amps like Prima Luna.

i have never owned or had any experience with tube amps.

Any suggestions, info or advice  for a good amp to match my speakers?

Thank you in advance.



Look for hybrid amps. You can get the best of both worlds. The tubes will settle down those tweeters a bit and the SS will give you the power to drive your 805’s

All the best.


I’ve had the Primaluna Evo 400 integrated, Krell 300i and Coda CSIB in my system at the same time, was able to compare them, owned them.  I didn’t have B&W speakers but did have Focal’s 1028be’s which share the same hyper detailed, somewhat forward sound attributed to many B&W’s.  

Primaluna held up well from a power standpoint - it sounded more SS like than some other Tube options but punched above its weight when delivering power to speakers, it brought the tube like qualities associated with Tubes but was more detailed, crisp at the higher frequencies than I expected. 

Coda and Krell both paired better with the Focal’s - the extra power seemed to smooth out the performance.  They have different sound signatures, I wouldn’t call 1 better than the other, it would come down to personal preference but I’d put either up against just about any integrated on the market and wouldn’t surprise me to see both outperform some high end separate stacks.  Either likely would pair really well, the Coda has less bells and whistles but has old school sensibility in that it has a great Pre amp section you can use as a stand alone Pre down the road.  The Krell is designed to be a true, 1 box solution, especially if you opt for the Onboard DAC but isn’t set up for growth, incorporating it into your system as you add separate components, if you wanted to do so.  

I’ve had a Parasound A21 amp - for the money - great amp but preferred all 3 integrated amps referenced to the Parasound.  Tried the A21 with a Parasound P6 Pre, fed it directly with a Lumin Streamer / DAC and fed by higher end AV Receiver’s geared toward Home Theater. 

I currently have a Krell Duo 300 xd with a Krell Illusion 2 Pre- way pricier set up than the integrated - bump up in performance but if I had heard just the Coda or Krell integrateds could happily have lived with those in my set up for a long, long time.  Krell and Coda do a great job taming the highs a bit - combining the heft of SS but with some tube like qualities.  They maintain the detail, nuance that speakers like yours are designed to deliver.  

if you could work a Krell 300 duo xd or Coda 8 - both amps only into your system and then incorporate a Pre - unsure if that’s an option - probably your best path to the best sound.  If you can find a used Coda CsIB that would likely be the path I would go down - then if you wanted to take it next level; you could add a separate Amp. 

I am using Ayre pre/amp with B&W 802D3, and it works great, try to find a dealer to check them out, good luck.


I have the B&W 805d3s with Parasound Hint Halo 6 and two Rel T7x. I am also using an Arcam ST60 and the sound is great to my ears. Good luck finding your amp