Intergrated Amp suggestions for B&W 805d4

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum and to any music forum for that matter.  I have been reading a lot of threads here that I have been informative and helpful.

I am looking to match an intergrated amp with the new 805s, and would very much appreciate any suggestions or recommendations.

I have listened with the Naim Atom and Nova and personally, whilst  I liked the detail, I found it too forward and fatiguing.  With the Hegel 390, I found the bass rounder but top end more forward. With the Musical Fidelity M5si, I much preferred this sound as it was rounder and softer yet detailed but less detailed than the Naim.  (Apologies if I use the wrong audiophile terminology, I am unfamiliar with these terms but I am only using what I feel best fits with my discription of sound)

A few people have recommended the MA252 and MA 352 from McIntosh as they advised that this will soften the diamond tweeter and also bring warmth and extension to the bass.  Others have recommended tube amps like Prima Luna.

i have never owned or had any experience with tube amps.

Any suggestions, info or advice  for a good amp to match my speakers?

Thank you in advance.



Thanks Youngstown9169,

What wattage is considered high, how do find this out as it’s not spelled out in the specs most of the time?  Cheers

I have had my fair share of solid state and tube amps. you would be doing yourself a disservice by not looking into the Cary Audio sl1-100. Its a beautiful piece that truly gives you warmth when wanted and blow your face off when wanted. The price is very buyer friendly . I'm running Project turn table and vinyl amp, audio lab 6000d transport with a schist doc, Raven Coruvus Monitors which on there own are magnificent now paired with 2 SVS SB3000. The Speakers, Amp and Subs Made in America with outstanding customer relations

For me, after trying all the big names both local or overseas, Pass Labs and Vitus are my "retirement system" components. No need to get anything else (amp/preamp). You might get different sound, but not better.


Look into the Bryston B135 cubed integrated amplifier.  It's an excellent amplifier with a very transparent sound, plenty of power and has a great manufacturer's warranty.  Depending on how much you want to spend; you could also get the earlier B135 SST2 version.  Good luck in your search!      

I think the best suggestion is to take your speakers (if you have them) to a dealer and try the integrated amps they have or even better borrow one for a listen in you home.  I understand the the latest versions of B&W have improved the upper frequencies.