Internet music sellers

Anyone notice that the usual Audiophile sellers on the net have raised their

list prices and then discounted them. So to increase sales they have an eternal

sale going on to keep the volume up the only problem is there is no real sale price.

My complaint with them is TRUST and not feeling being taken advantage of.

I have many times asked sellers how is the sound quality of that particular release

and they always say it sounds great until it's delivered and I put it on my TT to

find out that the sound quality is not that great for $30-$50 (or more) record.

When I can buy a RVG remastered Blue Note cd for under $10 from a Amazon

sub dealer delivered that sound almost as good as a Music Matters vinyl for $40

you have to think about what's more important the music or the sound for the

difference in $30!!.

All the Internet vinyl retailers have raised their prices. Soundstage Direct and Music Direct are now too expensive for LP reissues that are of inconsistent sound quality.

What are the Audiophile sites that you are referring to?
I made the transition to "all digital" a few years ago.  Back in the day, I felt that tape hiss and record noise detracted from the musical experience and DACs have become so good, digital (to me) is not "harsh" sounding.

I have a hard time when I compare 44.1/16 files to even 192/24 files, when the latter has sounded "better" to me, I have found that they have been "remastered", so it's not an "apples to apples" comparison.

For most of my music I purchase CDs from Amazon, record them as 44.1/16 AIFF files in iTunes and sync them to my music server.

I've had the same experience, that the digital websites charge WAY more for 44.1/16 downloads than Amazon charges for the same music on CD.

Add Elusive disc-Acoustic Sounds plus Soundstage and Music Direct.

I have to say I have been disappointed in the sound quality most of the time.

But I have been impressed with about 30% of my purchases in the last five

years-about 100 records. 


IMO, Digital music is the only way to go. I often wondered its merits before switching to digital streaming last year. Now I can't imagine paying $30-$40 for remastered CD's or LP's. 

I see OP point, both elusive disc and music direct sites have ongoing sales offering 10% off overpriced CD/LP's. 
My days of impulse purchases of new vinyl are pretty much over, but not only for the expense. I have had far to many disappointments with new DDA recordings. It seems to me that music recorded and mastered digitally rarely benefits with a transfer to vinyl without extensive dedicated remastering for that medium.  In many cases vinyl production would seem to be an afterthought and remastering evidently non-existent. Just a way to make a quick buck on the "new" trend. I've many instances where an LP will come with a free CD copy which sounds significantly better than the LP. 
If it isn't AAA, I have come to the point where I will not purchase new LPs unless there is at least one credible review from someone who's judgement I value.

For my part, I will take exception to the OP's statement regarding Music Matters. Everything I have purchased from them I have found sonically superlative and, IMO, well worth the extra cost.  My two cents.  YMMV.