Internet Radio: Good music that sounds good, who do you like?

My Faves:

Toronto Jazz FM 91


Radio Paradise is my favorite. Eclectic mix, very good sound quality. Over the last few years I've found more "new music" via Radio Paradise than any other source.
If you like electronic music I would recommend SOMA FM, they have a wide variety of channels, not all electronica, but that’s what I listen to.  My favorite is Space Station.
As far as I know,  one that is totally unique in USA , perhaps in the world .

A 24/7/365 streamer of Choral Music of the highest level,  with the worlds best  choirs,  from  St.Paul/Minneapolis  PBS station .
Choral Music is HUGE in Twin Cities !
@schubert - Were you actually going to name the station? Maybe post a link? ;-)