Internet Radio on Audiophile Quality 2 Channel System

How do you guys feel about playing internet radio through your highly invested two channel analog system? You spend all that time and money to get the synergy right and too play internet radio? I'm just curious! 


For critical listening, never. For casual background music, all day...every day. 

Also very useful in building playlists, keep the station's website open so you can identify a song that you like. Then add it to a playlist from your streaming service. 


Just using emmLabs NS1 streamer. Access to radio stations worldwide. In addition, you have all other streaming services and your own files. It will be hard to consider a tuner again.

I’m shocked at how good the Grace Digital Link sounds through my system. It not only provides internet radio, but also offers built in pandora, Iheart, Amazon music apps, and a few more...has a digital coax out which I connect to a v90 dac. For what I paid for it, $179, I cannot complain. Also use a 1970's Kenwood 4007 tuner, and yamaha T1 tuner, the sound is fantastic forcFM radio. Listen to mostly WCRB, a Boston classical music station. The transmitter is located in Lawrence Mass...some 70 miles away from me....however using my attic antenna, I'm getting a signal strength of 4.5 out of 5 on the Kenwood, no static or drift, unreal. 

Radio Paradise streams MQA, other than that if I want to listen to FM I use a good old tuner.